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Flags are a highly successful marketing tool in that they draw attention to your property, and by strategic placement can entice customers to your leasing office.

Flags are also one of the most friendly and inexpensive methods of advertising. A flag flying in the wind is lively, dramatic, catches a prospects attention and defines a sense of arrival. As part of our overall services, we will survey your property and determine the most effective location to provide maximum visibility and results for your budget.

We can customize your flags with company logo or graphics, all designed to match your colors, style and brand.

This unique brand touch is a sophisticated method to decorate your premises outside, and instantly identifies your property, company or services. Display flags are an incredible ‘eye-catcher’ that ensures you stand out from the rest.

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Don’t forget that with our extreme environment: heat, frequent high winds and high UV most flags will only last about half the time as they do in other geographic areas of the nation. In addition, flags here in the high desert can look dingy very quickly due to static electricity build up that attracts dirt. Don’t wait until they look bad as it detracts from the integrity of your brand and property value.

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