We take pride to produce the highest quality work in this industry. We stand behind our work and offer a (1) year warranty on workmanship and defective materials.

Yes. We provide high-end design services. We can reproduce your logo from scratch, and create any type of design you might need for any project. Oh, and once you pay for it…it is yours. We don’t hold your logo hostage.

While most companies are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, we understand sometimes these two days are exactly when your traffic can be the highest. We can supply you with any type of visual signage and labor to help you market on the weekends – sign twirlersweekend directional signs – pole signs, trailer signs and mobile signs for any grand-opening or event.

In rural areas, bright colors usually work the best in our desert landscape. However, all colors will eventually fade in our extreme UV environment. A good rule of thumb – your beautiful red will become pink faster than you would like.

We highly recommend a transparent laminate finish to most of our signs. This is an extra layer of protection from the elements such as dirt/dust, wind, rain and high intensity UV rays and makes them easier to clean.

Yes we can, but only if you are inside a private drive or an HOA. All other areas will fall under your city’s sign color specifications.

Yes we design and fabricate standard ADA & Braille signs, as well as custom units. We know the ADA rules and can help you adhere to them.

Powdercoating is a process in which paint, in pigmented powder form, is bonded to a metal surface using an electrostatic charge and cured with heat. While it’s slightly more expensive than a traditional painted finish, powdercoating is superior in terms of durability and longevity and offers significantly greater scratch and chip resistance. We recommend powdercoated finishes on anything that will be built low to the ground in high traffic areas, such as entry monuments. For signs built from wood or mounted on buildings, an oil-based enamel paint finish would be the recommended treatment.

That really depends on several factors – where you want it, how it will be viewed, how it will be attached and budget. Most retail banners average anywhere from 3′ – 5′ tall by 10′ – 12′ wide, but can also be as large as the side of a building.

Whenever possible, you want to apply an anti-graffiti laminate to flat surface signage in areas susceptible to vandalism. This transparent laminate will accept many types of media and make it easier to clean off when attacked. Unfortunately, it cannot protect against all substances, but it is better than being totally exposed to 100% damage and having to replace an entire sign.

Acceptable files are:
.pdf – with all fonts converted to outlines
.ai – saved down to Adobe version CS2 or lower with all fonts converted to outlines
.eps – saved down to Adobe version CS2 or lower with all fonts converted to outlines
.cdr – version 11 or lower with all fonts converted to curves
a high-resolution bitmap, i.e. .tif, .bmp, .jpg – a minimum 300dpi at full size (full size is actual size of image on finished sign)

On one hand, yes, you can if you have the settings set on maximum pixels, but on the other just remember WYSIWYG…what you see is what you get. Nothing can compare to professional photography, but not everybody has the budget to hire a professional. However, if the photo you need is very important, then we recommend not to do it yourself.

Yes of course. We can print your photo or a purchased stock photo for just about anything. However, if you supply the photo, the quality of the image will depend on the quality of the original photo.

Sometimes contracting is not always apples to apples. We recommend to our customers to scrutinize and compare the materials and designs on estimates they receive, item by item, and make sure they do not purchase something of lesser value – wrapped in a pretty package with vague descriptions for less money. Pay close attention to the different types of materials offered, and always compare their thickness. A company that offers 1/4″ materials vs 1/2″ is giving you 100% less material – the devil is in the details.

The requirements for Spas and Pools have very specific rules. Notices can be found in detail on our products and services page under ‘Pool and Spa Signs’. You cannot open your pool without the proper signage that meets the standard requirements set forth by the Clark County Health District.

We live in the wonderful desert with maximum UV exposure year round. The inks and dyes used in the fabric are the very best, but they start to show fading within a couple of months, and within as little as three months you might want to think about replacing them.

Torn flags – you could hang a pair of sturdy jeans on a pole and they would be torn by the end of the day during one of our windy periods. If the flag is installed on the pole correctly to avoid the metal pole from cutting the fabric of the sleeve, then you should expect your flags to last about three months. Unfortunately, our high winds days are numerous and work the flags constantly. If you were to listen to your flags when it is windy, you can here a ‘snap’ similar to the crack of a whip – that is tough on a flag.

If the sign can be seen from outside the property and it is larger than 16 square feet, the answer is most likely yes. The specifics do matter so please give us your details and we can help sort this out for you.

Violation notices can be issued by the building department or the code compliance department of the county or city. Either you did not get a permit initially, or your permit has expired and needs to be renewed. The most common reason that they issue notices is that a friendly neighbor filed a complaint on you after someone filed one on them.

A Land-Lease is when we find a landowner that is willing to have your offsite sign placed or erected on their property in exchange for a monthly payment. Most agreements are month to month to allow for maximum flexibility for both parties. We have provided Land-Lease services for over 30 years and can help with your signs too.

We can do amazing things with existing monuments. We have repaired signs from vandalism, car crashes to old age. We have extensive experience from designing a new sign to matching existing materials. Having worked in the valley for over 30 years there is a good chance we made the sign in the first place.

The fire department requires every building to be easily identified from any point on or outside the property that they may need to drive to access the building. Most buildings need only one sign – others may need three if they front a parking area or street on three sides.

Any signs you see that are offsite signs are classified as Temporary signs. They are only allowed for two years or until a builder sells out of that community. They have special permits because unlike the muffler shop they will sell out and close that sales office. They are only allowed on vacant undeveloped property with that property owners permission (see also Land-Lease)

Commercial properties and apartment communities need to meet the fire departments requirements. These include building numbers, address signs and often roof signs to be seen by the emergency services and patrolling helicopters.