If your own tenants can’t find the right building. How can the Fire Department?

Building numbers are one of the more important identification systems on your property. Not only are building numbers needed to help tenants and visitors find the correct building, help the flow of traffic and parking, but they are required to be visible for the local fire departments and other emergency responders.

Did you know your Certificate of Occupancy can be withheld if you do not have building numbers?

By law your buildings must be identified. Don’t wait for the inspector to ding you with a violation, or worse, hold you back from getting your C of O on a newly remodeled investment. Not having your buildings properly identified can not only hold you back from success, but can expose you to substantial liability in the aftermath of an emergency.

Let us customize your building signs to fit your brand, and your budget.

We won’t just design pretty building number signs – we will survey your unique property and how each building is laid out on the parcel. Here is a tip, you can’t just slap building number signs up wherever you want – there are a series of important rules that need to be followed to make sure your signs are legal: the positions to the road, visibility and readability and height of numbers and letters all are regulated. We know the rules. Call us we will make it easy.

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