Las Vegas Flag & Sign Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms: 50% deposit will be required on jobs of $1,000.00 or more unless negotiated otherwise.
All balances due at completion of job. Bids are good for 30 days.

NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING DISCOVERED BELOW SURFACE. Bids do not include permits, fees, engineering or inspections unless stated otherwise. Not responsible for any damage due to vandalism or other subcontractors.

DISCLAIMER/WAIVER/WARRANTY: All signs, banners and flags are custom made; therefore we do not accept exchange or returns. By signing this estimate, I am stating that I have the authority to contract for such work and will be responsible for payment. Client has requested services from Las Vegas Flag & Sign (LVFS) and understands that the service provided could be located over an existing block wall, in a landscaped area of the property and/or in a right of way. It is the clients’ responsibility to know where they can legally place signs according to their jurisdiction. Upon request LVFS can recommend a suitable location and permit options for signage. By signing the estimate to approve services client and/or its affiliates agree not to hold LVFS responsible for any possible damages caused to curbing, sidewalks, building, paint, fencing, landscaping, sprinkler pipes, etc. in the installation area of designated services/signage or fees incurred due to the location of sign.

The prices of labor and materials for the above listed work is based upon volume discounts for all work being approved and performed at the same time to maximize efficiency of labor and material. Hard Ground Disclaimer: Ground sign install quotes are based off typical Las Vegas soil conditions. If at any time during installation caliche is found to be present, the installation process will stop and the customer will be notified. LVFS will provide an additional estimate for time and equipment needed to complete installation. Sign prices are based on current material prices. Any fluctuation in price will result in an adjusted quote. Signs manufactured by LVFS are warranted against defective workmanship and materials in construction and assembly for one (1) year from the date of installation. The determination of what caused the failure will be made solely by LVFS.